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Clothing Trends from 2022

We thought we would take a look back at 2022 and the clothing trends that we saw from our clients, their members and the general public. Do you think these will stay around for 2023?

1. Oversized becomes the perfect fit.

We saw how the oversized look of the 1990's has made a huge return with many customers opting to go a size or even a few sizes bigger for that oversized look.

Within the gym industry this has also grown in popularity with the introduction of the phrase 'pump covers' in which people warm up and train in large t-shirts, hoodies etc before taking these off to reveal their physique, this is especially prevalent in the bodybuilding industry.

Overall this continues to grow in popularity so we can't see it dying out any time soon, can you?

2. Bold Bright Colours

Bright colours have made a huge comeback in recent times with more and more people purchasing bright hoodies, t-shirts, jumpers. There are huge benefits to this, the brighter the clothing the more people will notice meaning great brand exposure.

We have a huge range of colours for our products so you never have to worry about standing out!

We love this trend and hope it continues - in our eyes the brighter the better!

3. Full Tracksuit Sets

Full tracksuit sets have boomed in popularity not only in the custom branded merchandise market but also fashion in general with Adidas, Nike and other brands pushing their tracksuits as gymwear, loungewear and daily wear.

Our main area of increase within the tracksuit market is sports teams as teams want to turn up on game day all in the same kit, looking organised smart and ready to play.

Companies, organisations, gyms, clubs and sports teams all benefit from this as a full tracksuit has inclusivity benefits making members feel part of the team and a valued asset, definitely something to consider if you are looking at this.

Overall there has been a vast range of fashion trends that we have all seen in 2022, but which ones do you believe will hang around for 2023?

If you want to know more about Streamz and how we can help you provide your organisation with custom branded merchandise get in contact today.

We can't wait to start discussing ideas with you!


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