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Clubs / Gyms

Selling merchandise for local clubs and gyms is our bread and butter - it's why we started Streamz!

Gyms and clubs can benefit from selling merchandise for several reasons:

  1. Additional revenue stream: Selling merchandise can provide gyms and clubs with an additional revenue stream beyond membership fees and personal training sessions.

  2. Brand building: Merchandise can help gyms and clubs build their brand and create a more loyal and engaged membership base.

  3. Customer loyalty: Providing merchandise to members can incentivize them to remain loyal to the gym or club and can increase the perceived value of their membership.

  4. Marketing and promotion: Merchandise with the gym or club's branding or logo can act as a marketing and promotional tool, increasing brand recognition and visibility.

  5. Sense of community: Merchandise can help create a sense of community among gym or club members and foster a shared identity.

When selling merchandise, it's important for gyms and clubs to ensure that the quality of the merchandise is high and that the items align with their brand and values. They should also consider offering a range of products that appeal to a variety of members and price points. By selling merchandise, gyms and clubs can further engage with their members and increase their revenue.

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