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Logo for a School. White Label school merchandise. No stock holidng, receieve profits from every sale.

Springfield College

*This is a demo site* Insert any text, images, brand colours, links, social media, instructions or news to these areas on your site by talking to us.

1) let us know what categories and products you would like to add (you can add or remove categories at any stage) ie: Ski Trip, Leavers, CCF, Rugby Tour etc.

2) Send us your logo / designs, or request designs through us.

3) Add this link to your school website, news emails and send it out to parents / students etc.

4) Your parents or students can buy their clothing online saving the school time with designs, collecting funds, arranging sizes and giving them to students / holding stock.

5) Work with us to refresh items whenever you want
, we have a huge range of clothing, colours and qualities!


Technology Class
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